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"Un" Masking

Updated: Jan 23

Today a client walked in, and she had a smile that could light up a room!  Even though she had a wonderful smile, I could sense that she smiled to mask her pain and the things she had been through. I knew that she took care of everybody before taking care of herself, she just had that look about her.

During my conversation with her, she confirmed all that I sensed within her, but the great part was that I discovered she had been working on herself and was peeling off the layers of who she had been in the past to UNMASK the woman that she truly is! 

Unmasking is not an easy process.  It means that you must travel into the depths of your womb to birth those things that you have buried.  You must acknowledge things that happened without your consent and those things that you consented to.  And most importantly you must face the truth of what you did to yourself and practice self-forgiveness.

Being truthful with yourself is only the beginning to unmasking your authentic self, unmasking takes time, strength, and dedication to achieving your desired outcome. 

Everyone is not going to like you revealing your true self and setting boundaries that don’t allow them to continue misusing or taking advantage of you for their benefit.  Unmasking means that you will learn who is for you and who is not and that means that you will have to release people you love.  But that’s not going to be the hardest thing you will do; unmasking begins with you BELIEVING you deserve better and taking active steps forward in your journey.  

If you are thinking about “Un” Masking but don’t know where to begin, I’m here to guide you down that road. You can start by scheduling a Heart-To-Heart session with me to develop a roadmap to assist you on your journey.  The session can be in person or via Zoom, whatever you are comfortable with. Here is a link, just click to get started.

With Light, Love & Healing

LaShun Teboh

Womb Energy Healer & Glow Up Life Coach

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