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Are you happy with your body?

Dear siStar in Love


I was talking to a client about her new weight loss program. As I was talking to her, I explained that we would focus on nutrition and exercise to make sure that she was getting enough activity, and that her meal choices were in portions that would help her to lose weight. I also discussed that if she continued to have problems with losing the weight, we would have to look deeper into the things that were going on in her life.  I explained that weight is not always physical, it can be the toxic people in our lives, the limiting ideas we have about ourselves, the traumatic experience we hold on to and most importantly not putting ourselves first. 


That conversation led us to talking about how women take care of everybody before they take care of themselves, and by not taking care of themselves, they start to feel drained and empty because no one is pouring back into their “cup”.  Over time the woman in the mirror becomes unrecognizable until one day, she feels so outside of who she really is, she will then start a journey to reclaim who she used to be.   


My mission is to assist overweight women with life transfomation & weight loss to help them to reclaim the woman they used to be before life stole the essence of who they once were.


It is not an easy journey to reclaim yourself, you will have to fight to be the woman you desire. That will mean ending relationships, enforcing boundaries, and saying NO It will mean putting yourself first, unapologetically. People will be mad with you and want you to be that people pleasing, always saying yes, person they are used to taking advantage of.  Let that roll off your back and reclaim YOURSELF!


You are probably in the world do I reclaim myself?  How do I even get started?  Or maybe you have tried in the past to change and went back to your old ways because you didn’t have the strength to fight the battle.  Girl, that’s where I come in.  I have fought that battle and won.  I now fight along side my clients, giving them inspiration and motivation to fight until they win the battle to be the woman they are meant to be.  Invest in yourself with personal life coaching.


Life Coaching can help you:


·      Build your confidence and self-esteem.

·      Enhance your self-love.

·      Set goals and achieve them.

·      Lose weight.

·      Create nutrition habits to keep your weight under control.

·      Feel better about your body.

·      Be the woman you desire and more!


Right now STOP and I want you to think.....are you happy with who your are right now? Are you happy with your weight? If you hesitated, the answer is NO.


Click below to schedule a heart-to-heart to learn more about the details of the program and how it can help you to be who meant to be.  This session is via Zoom. 


Until Later

Heal, Grow & Glow

With LaShun Teboh

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