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Changing Lives

Meet LaShun

Trust your inner voice that's whispering to you, its time to release & heal

LaShun Teboh, Certified Holistic Womb Practitioner

Dear siStar in Love

Have you ever asked yourself….why did this happen to me?  Or maybe you have a heaviness that you can’t shake.  Do you feel like a stranger in your own body?  Is the relationship with your womb nonexistent?  Do you know why you should have a relationship with your womb? Or maybe you are like a lot of women that I have served, and you want more out of life, but you can’t see how to get there.

I know how you feel.  

My journey began years ago with self-help books but none of them got the heart of what I needed to be able to level up in life. None of those books gave me tools or a blueprint to release the heaviness that was within me.  But when I became a yoni steam practitioner that opened the door for me to begin my transition into the woman I am today.  I look back on it now and I am proud of myself for the growth I have achieved.  

How did womb healing help me?  First it gave me permission to feel and release the emotions that I masked on a day-to-day basis. Second, it helped me to speak my truth out LOUD!  Third, womb healing helped me to focus on me and what I desired.  It was all about my elevation. Womb healing can do the same for YOU!  

How can I help you?  As a Womb Energy Practitioner, I have created multiple healing sessions that can help you to release the energy of the past to heal on a physical and energetic level.


Healing is not easy; it involves getting down and dirty with who you are now.  You will have to fight to become the woman you desire.  My goal is to assist you on your journey with a road map that will guide you to the darkest depths of your womb to walk into the light of your wonderful future.

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With Love & Light

-LaShun Teboh



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