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WombVersations™ Reiki Healing

You Are Sacred

  • 2 hr
  • 199 US dollars
  • Roberts Drive

Service Description

Have you been feeling stuck? Maybe things just aren’t working out for you as much as you try. How is your level of creativity? Are you manifesting the things you desire? If not, this healing session is for you. Our womb is a seat of creation and creativity. When we are disconnected from our sacred space, it affects us in various ways. We are not vibrating at our highest, we are not walking in our divinity and we are not manifesting all that we can have. We are magical and that magic lies within our sacred space, our womb. In this session we will start with reiki to balance the major chakras of your body and then we’ll focus on the chakras of your womb. You’ll then be treated to a yoni steam with carefully selected herbs that will assist with your womb health and balance. While on the yoni throne, we will delve deeper to release things that you have been holding onto, things that have controlled you because you are carrying that energy. Its time for a release!! Its time for a reconnection to your divinity and your power. Included in this session: Womb Reiki Custom Yoni Steam Sweet Yoni Tea Self-work Fire Release Ritual Follow up visit

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