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Your Womb Is Magical....

Your Womb is Magical.....

This is the statement that I’ve used repeatedly to get the attention of women whenever I would speak to them about their womb. Most of the time I would get a look of bewilderment or confusion and I understand the reason why they would look at me in that manner; it’s because most women don’t view their womb as magical, but this “thing” that gives them discomfort or pain and seeing it as magical is not a part of their thought process.

I then go on the tell my listeners that having a womb gives you the ability to co-create with God to bring another being into this world and that is nothing short of MAGICAL. They then lean in a little closer wanting to know more. I then explain, the magic of the womb is not just the ability to give birth but at it highest, the womb is the place that holds your intuition, hopes and dreams, emotional connections, ancestral knowledge, the energy of your femininity AND more!! YOU can BIRTH all that your womb holds!!

Again, I say your womb is magical because in essence its YOU. The health of your womb can be a direct reflection of what’s going on in your life now and the trauma that you may have experienced years past. As a womb practitioner my mission is assist women with releasing the energy of past womb trauma so that they can live life to the fullest and be their most authentic self.

Your siStar & Guide

High Priestess LaShun Teboh

Womb Energy Healer & Certified Holistic Practitioner

Click the link to schedule a Heart-To-Heart to get started on your journey of healing from past womb trauma.

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